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They’re all over \o/

Saturday, May 13th, 2006

The exams are over \o/

Now I can relax, party, and do everything that a student should do… or not. You will be glad to know that the reason that I havn’t updated this blog in a while was because I was revising for my exams, or at least pretending to.

It seems that there has been a rather large build up of things that I’ve been supposed to be doing, that have had to be put back till after the exams are over.

To make matters worse, I’ve had to go home to Leeds for the day for my brother’s birthday. 3 hours on the train in each direction, for less than 16 hours in the north, possibly not the best use of my time. I suppose it was worth it, I did get taken out to a nice pub resteraunt, where the food was good but maybe a little over cooked. I think they wanted to make sure that they didn’t give is food poisioning.

I’m also considering starting to play Lineage II ( I’ve played it before and it seems to suck up time… time that I don’t really have, but it is really fun. I suppose I should also consider the fact that there is a monthly subscription too, do I really want to have to pay the $14/month or something that it will cost.

Hopefully things are being sorted out for the work I’m doing over summer. I’ve got some fun stuff lined up, just it’s getting very close to the dates I’m supposed to be starting, and nothing seems to have been formally arranged. There is a possibility that i’m getting worried that deals havn’t closed yet, since I will need the work to be able to afford my accommodation for the summer.

I suppose that can end my blog-spam for this evening, though in the future, i’ll try to keep entries more frequent, so they can be shorter :-)