I love the smell of arm pits in the morning…

After my morning commuting experiences, I have come to the conclusion that:

There is no god

There are actually multiple, wel-founded, reasons for this:

  • If you are running late, you ALWAYS miss your bus. However, the bus has ALWAYS only just left, so you get to see the back of it going down the road, and you have to wait for the next one for the longest possible advertised time (8-12 mins for the 319 bus).
  • Your connection from the Bus to the Tube is also poor, and you often have to wait 5 minutes on the platform for a train. This, however, may be attributed to the fast that the Tube line I use for this part of the journey is the District Line.
  • When changing trains at Earls Court, there is always someone walking very slowly down the stairs from the District Line platform to the Picadilly Line platform. This causes congestion and adds additional time to your journey.

If there were a god, surely he would smile on me and make my morning commute less painful?

2 Responses to “I love the smell of arm pits in the morning…”

  1. Theory Says:

    Alternatively: There is a God, but he hates Commuters/Londonners/Users of Public Transport. :-)

  2. Ros Says:

    Alternatively God exists and he hates you. ;)

    I can’t believe you wait for the 391 when you’ve just missed one. The station is 10 minutes walk away!!

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