Laptop Update

Sony messed up :(

I will no-longer be getting a Sony Vaio TX2XP. It seems that somewhere along the order lines, something wasn’t done; and after calling their sales helpline 3 times (more on this later) I finally found out that they no-longer ship the TX2XP.

It seems that the support staff employed by Sony are very variable. When I ordered this laptop, I ordered over the phone and the sales advisor was very helpful. I then called 2 more times to enquire about the status of the order, and the reply was “I will have to check with [insert other team name here], I’ll call you back”. I did not recieve any calls back. The most recent time I called, I spoke to a very helpful sales advisor called Neil. He followed the same procedure as all the advisors before him, and said that he would call back. To my surprise, he had called back within 20 minutes. Infact, over the course of about an hour, he had called back 3 times and sorted everything out.

Since Sony no-longer ship the TX2XP, I will now be getting a TX3XP instead. This comes with the added features of a fingerprint scanner, hardware encryption for your data, and some cool device that prevents your hard drives from being destroyed of you drop the laptop.
Incidentally, a good time to call the Sony Style order helpline is at 9am. I found that at this time, I had the shortest holding time.

Here’s the eye candy:

Sony Vaio TX3XP

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