Google Analytics…

… is really really cool :-)

I can now see exactly where my all my visitors have come from, where they have looked, and where they came from.

Sadly, there isn’t really much data, since it doesn’t show data for my rss feed, and i’m *hoping* that some people use that to read my site.

It would also be useful to know who reads this on netlamers, since there are no stats gathered for me there.

If you read my blog, comment and make me happy, since it’s a bit sad knowing that you get 3-4 visits per day :-p

5 Responses to “Google Analytics…”

  1. Ros Says:

    Try writing about something interesting then. ;)

    If you can’t do that try and get words like “porn” into your posts more often. I’m sure that’ll get some hits.

  2. Andy Says:

    I suppose that is possible.

    Comments like yours, that contain legitimate text and good google keywords are excellent for pae rankings, so if I get enough porn comments for my blog, it may start to get popular.

  3. Steve Says:

    I have use the rss feed to display netlamers on my desktop.

  4. Jaran Says:

    “If you read my blog, comment and make me happy”

    /me tries to make Sir Millary happy

  5. MdSalih Says:

    Could always write in a little hit tracker on your rss feed script… record the info to your local DB or something.


    P.S. Porn ;)

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