Red Bull


Sadly, i’m drinking Sainsburys “Blue Bolt”, however, I couldn’t find a picture of it.

After a late night with not much sleep, this pick-me-up really works.

*boing* *boing*

I’m sure i’ll stop bouncing off the walls in a minute, but for the moment, the high is fun :-P

Plus, at 300mg of caffeine per bottle, it becomes lethal after your 10th :-)

One Response to “Caffeine!!!”

  1. chris mattear Says:

    hiya m8 i kno isnt that funny how u can never get a pic of the taste sensation that is blue bolt.

    i agree it does pick u up lol but it keeps me n my friends goin aswel

    btw do u kno wot taurine is – suposedly it lowers ur blood pressure over time – this is meant to start after ur third can oh wel

    can u only manage 10 wot a lightweight lol we get a least 18 b4 it really takes it toll on us

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