It seems that wireless in my new flat is going to be “Fun”…

The new Wireless AP is working fine and wireless is accessible everywhere in the flat.
There is only one minor issue; due to the age of the flat, and other things beyond my control, it seems that the signal doesn’t reach very far. This is a common issue with wireless networks within the same block of flats.

Basically, it boils down to the fact that at the extremities of the flat, the wireless signal is “Very Poor”. This is not good enough. I want “Good” or “Very Good” signal throughout the flat.

The solution is simple. Since the router/adsl modem I bought supports WDS, all I need to do is buy another Access Point (or two) and configure it to extend my wireless network.

Hopefully, by placing the additional two access points strategically around the flat, I should be able to maintain fairly good wireless coverage.

At some point in the future, I shall blog how it went.

2 Responses to “WDS”

  1. Hamlesh Says:

    Or… you get an AP that you can hack/or hack your AP to boost the wifi chipset power output from 50mW (the UK legal limit) to whatever the chip was designed to do. The APs at my house are running at 88mW, couple that with a 21 dBi parabolic antenna, and with clear line of sight you can range a really^100 long way :)

  2. Andy Says:

    It may be worth boosting the power output a little :-p

    It’s not as though it’s going to cause me problems, and the extra signal would be handy.

    Anyway, It would be a little fun to play with WDS :)

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