Some people…

I like to think that I have patience for those people who are slightly less technically minded, however, this person pushed me to my limit:

16:35 -!- Hyphen [] has joined #php
16:35 -!- mode/#php [+l 60] by P
16:36 < Hyphen> wazzzzzzap!
16:36 < Hyphen> i have a problem with my php server can somone help?
16:36 < BSE> it says “hello world” ?
16:36 < BSE> that is disturbing indeed
16:36 * BSE frowns
16:37 < Hyphen> no, the screen is black. is it my php version???
16:38 < SIR-Millar> we need a little more detail than that
16:38 < Hyphen> well there is nothing on the screen at all its all black,, no light or anything its wierd?
16:39 < Markb> hmm
16:39 < Markb> I suspect either a twat or a very smart bot
16:40 < Hyphen> so its not my version of php, it happend when i put it on?
16:41 < SIR-Millar> “it happened”? did you reboot? or did the screen suddenly go black when it was installed?
16:42 < Hyphen> not sure, i think its on, ???
16:42 < SIR-Millar> right
16:42 < Keith> im stayin out of this one
16:42 < SIR-Millar> how did you install oho?
16:42 < SIR-Millar> php*
16:42 < AngryParsley> heh, oho
16:43 < SIR-Millar> did you install a package, or did you install it from source?
16:43 < SIR-Millar> are you using windows or linux?
16:44 < SIR-Millar> have you tried restarting the server since the screen “went black”
16:44 < Hyphen> well i was told it was on there,, went up to the computer and its just a black screen??? i press keys but nothing happens?
16:44 < SIR-Millar> is it a development server or a production server?
16:44 < AngryParsley> maybe your monitor is turned off
16:44 < AngryParsley> or there is some other hardware failure
16:45 < Hyphen> how do i turn on the monitor?
16:45 < AngryParsley> haha, are you kidding?
16:45 < Markb> RTM
16:46 < Markb> *RTFM
16:46 < AngryParsley> I can’t read this channel anymore because if I do I might laugh out loud at work
16:46 -!- mode/#php [+b *!*Hyphen@*] by P
16:46 -!- Hyphen was kicked from #php by P [(SIR-Millar) < / Hyphen >]

Seriously now, how is it possible to be that incompetent? :/

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