Fraud :'(

It appears that I have been the victim of Debit Card Fraud.

I was checking my bank statement, and I saw 5 payments (between £30 and £45) to Vodafone Online Ireland.

Since I have never used Vodafone, I phoned up Barclays to find out what was going on.

They also, kindly, alerted me to the escort service I had also managed to hire.

I now have the card cancelled and shredded, and a new card is on its way to me. Barclays are sending me some forms so i can dispute the payments, and hopefully get the money back.



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  1. Hamlesh Says:

    Yeah yeah, blatently this whole “fraud” thing is to cover up the excessive escort service useage – now now Andy I thought we had talked about that :) \o/

    In all seriousness it sucks though (not the escorts, the fraud ;)).

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