WDS in action!

It appears that I have finally got WDS working properly \o/

This means that I now get reasonable wireless signal most places in the flat.

I am currently using 2 out of the 3 Access Points that I have. When I get a minute, I’ll be configuring the third one to ensure that the signal strong enough in my room.

The problem I seem to be having now, is that there is nowhere convenient to route power from for where it makes sense to have the access points. I shall have to ponder on this one.

Anyway, proof of a 2-AP WDS WiFi network in action:


The only catch about WDS is that it doesn’t support WPA or WPA2, so i’m stuck using WEP.

Fortunatly, due to the thickness of walls around here, i’m doubtful that anyone outside the flat will stand much chance of seeing our signal, let alone being able to connect and making a stable connection to it.

If that happens, I may have to review the setup.

3 Responses to “WDS in action!”

  1. Ros Says:

    Well, I’m pretty sure it was broken this morning.

    Sorry. :/

  2. Andy Says:

    Fixed now.

    The PC you were using doesn’t have inbuilt wireless, and I had disconnected it from one of the Access Points because I didn’t have a long enough cable.

    Sorry :(

    The installation of the third AP has resolved this.

  3. Hamlesh Says:

    You are very strange for a giant.

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