All in all, Layeredtech are a very good dedicated server hosting company.
I have used them for years for server hosting and never had any problems.

They are very reliable, and their support staff are usually friendly.

However, yesterday, I had some trouble.

Due to my card suffering from an onset of cancelledness because of fraud, the payment for my server at Layeredtech was declined. Supprisingly enough, my server went offline. Unfortunatly, I had not been notified that the card had not gone through, so couldn’t give them the new card details — this annoyed me a little, but could be my fault since I had been playing with my mail server a lot.

I call up their freephone number and deal with someone in accounts, who is very helpful. My server is online within a matter of minutes, though the $50 late payment fee was a little nasty.

Sadly, the story doesn’t end there. 15 minutes after my server came back online, it was offline again. In the period of about 2 hours, the server was rebooted 6 times, until it didn’t come back online.

I phoned up their accounts number, assuming that this was a billing issue of some kind. The person at accounts called their DC people, who said that they had rebooted the server to “ensure that it was back online after the switch port had been reconnected”.

When questioned as to why the rebooted it 6 times, I got no straight answers.

The server came back online again, only to vanish a few minutes later.

Then, a reply on the support ticket asked… “What port do you use for SSH?”.

It turned out that they had been trying to verify connectivity by pinging, and ssh’ing into the box.

I’m a little anal when it comes to security, and I hate it when your auth.log is filled with millions of failed SSH logins, so my firewall is rather restrictive. In fact, it drops ALL ICMP (is there any reason why someone should need to ping my box? No.) and only allows SSH from a specific set of locations.

The thing is, I’ll only ever SSH to my server from about 3 locations. If I am anywhere else, some servers that allow anyone to SSH in also have access to SSH to my server. Clearly it would be stupid for me to mention here which servers do have access.

The tech at Layeredtech was interested in this firewall script that I use, and asked for a copy (which I gave him).

I think, in total, the box was rebooted 8 times. I know this because logcheck emails me every time the server reboots.

It confuses me as to why they didn’t notice that there was activity from that server to the internet (shown nicely by their bandwidth graphs):

Layeredtech Graph

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  2. Andy Says:

    All your base are belong to BerkeleyIT :-p

  3. jack Says:

    i was with fastservers and never had a problem unfortunately layeredtech bought fastserver and now i am a layeredtech customer..badly for me…my server was off for three hours and now after two days is another time offline…there automatic updates often create problems to server…and their ticket system is not so fast…i will have another night without sleep thanks to layeredtech…..why there isn’t another fastserver company and i will change in a minute.

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