In the wonderful land of #php, we were discussing the issue of being given 0 marks if you miss a deadline.

The conclusion was that this would be a good thing.

Those who didn’t like the idea (clearly, mentioning s|k’s nick here would be unfair) used the main arguement that it would be “unfair” to give someone 0 for late work, because if they continually handed in late work, they may fail the course..

Don’t you think that things would be run more efficiently if people actually stuck to deadlines. Imagine if, when at school, you had always been given 0 for late work. Would you ever hand in late work?

Just think, if everyone was brought up to value and adhere to deadlines, the world would run much more smoothly.

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  1. Hamlesh Says:

    You… preaching about deadlines… OMG…

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