Installing MSMQ on Windows 2003 Server

The Microsoft Knowkedgebase article states:

To install Message Queuing on a computer running Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003, administrators use the Add/Remove Windows Components feature of Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel. No other software is required.

What they don’t say is that you need to look in “Application Server“.
The same applies for installing the “Microsoft IIS Snap-In”

5 Responses to “Installing MSMQ on Windows 2003 Server”

  1. Hamlesh Motah Says:


  2. Bjorn Says:

    It’s not always called ‘application server.’ I think it’s only called that when you have plesk? On my Windows 2003 box, it is called IIS.

  3. Andy Says:

    Well, I was installing this on a **clean** install of Windows 2003 Server.

    There is NO WAY I would let Plesk any where near any of my servers :-)

  4. Jeff Says:

    Thanks Andy. This little nugget is exactly what is needed for the poor documentation of the MSMQ installation.

  5. Jason Says:


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