authdaemond: exec: Permission denied

The following appeared in /var/log/syslog on a server, whenever i tried /etc/init.d/courier-authdaemon start:

authdaemond: exec: Permission denied

I cried. Google returns 0 results.

So, I found another server that had authdaemon running in a similar setup on, and compared…

After some playing (it’s insignificant what I was doing really…), the following error also appeared:

start: exec: No such file or directory

I figure that it’s useful to paste the error messages for Google abuse; so that if anyone else has the same error, they can follow my solution.

After some prodding and breaking, I discovered that the problem was due to the following file (it did not exist):


All my previous efforts had been towards reinstalling courier-authdaemon; and now it became clear, the problem was actually to do with courier-authlib. A quick dpkg -i `find /var/cache/apt/archives/ -name “courier-authlib_*”` later and the file reappeared.

Restarting courier-authdaemon was successful, and everything was back to normal.

2 Responses to “authdaemond: exec: Permission denied”

  1. Grug Says:

    Ahhh, unlucky. I had the same problem as you. Very little Google results.

    …and then I found your post…. but all the files are there. :-S

    It’s a really helpful error message isn’t it.

  2. Andy Says:


    Try removing the file and then following what I did.

    That may help.

    – Andy

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