The Number 23

The Number 23

Last night, I had the pleasure of watching the film “The Number 23″. In essence, it was about obcessions with the number 23. IMDB had the following to say:

On his birthday, Walter Sparrow, an amiable dog-catcher, takes a call that leaves him dog bit and late to pick up his wife. She’s browsed in a bookstore, finding a blood-red-covered novel, a murder mystery with numerology that loops constantly around the number 23. The story captivates Walter: he dreams it, he notices aspects of his life that can be rendered by “23,” he searches for the author, he stays in the hotel (in room 23) where events in the novel took place, and he begins to believe it was no novel. His wife and son try to help him, sometimes in sympathy, sometimes to protect him. Slowly, with danger to himself and to his family, he closes in on the truth.

This then got me thinking, what if there is some truth in the film… What if I am haunted by the number 23:

  • I used to live at house number 23.

Ok, that’s not much of a start. I will continue to list everything I find over the next month (Till 01/09/2007) that may link me to the number 23.

Are you haunted by the number 23?

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4 Responses to “The Number 23”

  1. Ros Says:

    To be fair, even though I fell asleep through most of the film, I was impressed that Jim Carrey managed to play a serious role without being shit.

  2. 23 Says:

    wat up

  3. 23 Says:

    the number 23 is death we see it as a creature carrying a sith its not its a type of code.

  4. 23 Says:

    let me blow your mind i found your website at 11:34am 34-2=32-(23)backwords

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