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Re: Google Experiment

Thursday, November 29th, 2007


19:44 < Andy> !google reindex please
19:44 < kzen> OK –

And there we have it.

£2,500 in London for Strippers

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Allow me to point out now that this is not me.

The following post is stolen from I just thought that it had to be distributed.

May this be a lesson to all, not to go to strip clubs…

I’m calling on you for help.

On another thread, I recently explained how an intended quite drink with some old friends, had turned into me been a drunken idiot and managing to spend an awful amount of money in a dodgy club I had never intended in visiting. A combination of tiredness, lack of food and too much drink mean that I have barely have any recollection of the night, and the 2 hours spent in my office toilets sleeping/been sick from 5am, as I managed to lose my friend whose house I was staying in as well, has turned out to be one of the worse nights in my life, and I am never going to enter ones of these places ever again. Sober, I wouldn’t have even thought of doing this, and I feel I was massively taken advantage of, I was in no state to be making any decisions.

I now have a substantial credit card bill, at just under 2.5K.

Now I am not expecting any sympathy here, as I have been an absolute knob, but the guilt I am feeling about what I have done to my wife and family is immense, as I have wasted so much money in such a pointless and degrading way.

What I am after though is some help from PH.

It’s my wife’s 30th birthday in a month, and I had been saving up money to take her away for our delayed honey moon (couldn’t afford one 5 years ago) for a trip to New York as she has always wanted to go. I am now f*cked as I now have this massive bill to pay, and she is going to want to know where the hell the money has gone, and I don’t want to upset her by telling her that I spent all this money on women other than her as I am pretty sure she will be devastated by this. She is an amazing wife and mother, and I obviously don’t deserve her, but she was really looking forward to her trip.

I have thought about what I could sell to try and get the money, but other than our house or cars, which I think she will notice if I sell them, I don’t have anything worth any where near that amount that she will not notice missing.

I know some of you are going to say I have made my bed, and now must lie in it, but hopefully there will also be some of you that take pity on me, and help me.

What I am asking is the cheekiest thing I have ever done in my life, but I was hoping that if PH’s could club together, my life would be saved.

What I was hoping was that if I asked people to be really generous, and donate £1, and if I get 2500 people helping, I will have probably have saved my marriage, and I have definitely learned my lesson, and even if I am on a stag do, and people want to go to these places, I will go home and never enter these places again. I have massively learnt my lesson. I am sat at home now with massive guilt wanting to tell her, but I think this is one of those things that will be best never discused.

If enough people are interested in helping me, I will try and set up some sort of way of you donating a £1 to me. I am not trying to cover myself, but not make my family suffer as a result of my vast stupidity.

Your help will be massively appreciated.

To save you having to read through the thirty pages of replies, here is a later post by him of what the money actually went on:

Right, after a night of sleep and not so deranged in the head, things have become clearer.

I spoke to the club, and have queried my bills.

This is the low-down.

2 x £750 “heavenly dances” – basically 2 girls for an hour each (which I still don’t know why I would have ever agreed to this at that price) Maybe these “dances” were meant to include extras or something, but I am pretty dammed sure that didn’t happened, and I was probably just sat there for hours with a glazed look on my face. I have never been to a club like this before where could even spend that much money in one go.
1 x £500 cash withdrawal – I had 20p left when I checked my pockets in the morning, not sure where the hell this went.
£500 ish on various drinks bills and more 3 more reasonable priced dances at £20 each, if I had drunk that much alcohol I would be dead.

I don’t really want to put the bill on line as I am already worried enough that there is too much info on here.

I am starting to think that maybe alcohol wasn’t all I had. The night is pretty much a blackout, and yesterday I was basically shaking all day and unable to eat. This has me a bit worried, as how I managed to go a full day at work on an hours sleep in the toilets without anything to keep me going, especially as I am generally knackered all the time due to the amount of hours I am at work.

I checked my phone and I had attempted to call my mate a couple of times, but for whatever reason I was unable to get hold of him. Maybe in my drunken mind I was just worried I would have no where to go, and I wasn’t sure of his address, so paid to stay in the “warm club”. He is also in deep shit with his future wife to be, so I don’t think he is likely to be able to help, he “only” managed to spend £300, but that has already but him in deep stum, and he was home at 3ish.

I really would like to try and query this with the card company, but my wife opens all ours post, and I know that letters would need to be sent to the house, which I couldn’t intercept. The card company is internet only, so I could make a payment and clear the balance, and the money wouldn’t ever get transferred out of our bank account. Normally I only have my train fare on this card, and that normally is the same every month.

BTW I don’t have three cars, profile was out of date, one was sold to get the other, and the other was sold when my youngest child was born, so I am not trying to live the millionaire lifestyle…

Many people have suggested showing this story to their other halves to show that they are not quite as bad as they think they are. Fair, I think.

My Domain Roundup

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Time for a quick roundup of all my “blog” domains. There are quite a few.


Upon enquiring about if a small mini-supermarket stocked “diet lemonade”

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

Diet Lemonade? Umm, I don’t think so. I’ve never heard of it before.


Re: Make card readers optional!

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Henti Cook recently made this blog post about wanting banks issueing one time token generating devices to allow customers to “opt-out”.

Whilst I agree that these devices are annoying, there is a point to them.

As far as I am aware, the bank is liable for any fraudulent activity on your online banking account. I.e. if someone makes a payment from your online banking account that is not you, the bank has to pick up that cost.

Would it be a fair trade from a bank to allow you to opt-out of the card readers if and only if you also opt-out of their online banking fraud protection? I am not even sure if they are legally allowed to allow you to opt-out of this fraud protection.

Therefore, can you really see banks accepting more risk than they necessarily have to?

£Millions are stolen every year due to fraud, with banks taking the hit. Is it fair to ask them to take more risk? If they do accept higher risk, what do you expect will happen to the interest rates they offer and charge to compensate for this additonal risk?

In spite of how irritating they are, I believe that these card readers are a necessary evil, and that bank’s customers should support them.

It is reassuring to note that only 8 people have signed the petition asking for users to be allowed to opt-out. I hope that this number stays low.

With the risk of fraud as high as it is, any measure a bank can take to reduce it is something that should be welcomed with open arms by their customers.

I have been a victim of fraud. It is not fun. It is not nice. Please allow the banks to reduce the risk of something happening to you!

Re: Google Experiment

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

So, on 23rd November, I asked Google to:

reindex please

Today, I checked Google to see if anything had been indexed.

Before the 23rd November, the keywords “reindex please” returned no results, now they return one.

Irritatingly, not the result I wanted. The google search is here.

For some reason, it appears to have indexedBenchmarking PHP: Single vs Double Quotes is the correct link for “reindex please“.

I shall wait a few more days and try again, to see if Google will pick up that / is actually the correct address for “reindex please“.

I await more results with excitement.

Google Spell Checking?

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Google has a very handy habit of correcting your spelling when you make a search.

However, I have a small complaint.

Whenever I Google for “Andy Millar“, it asks me:

“Did you mean: Andy Miller

No Google, I did not! Does it not realise that there are about 54,300,000 results for “Andy Millar” – it must do, since that’s what it told me!

Does anyone know a way of “telling” Google that their spell checker is wrong? I find it mildly insulting at times that Google does not believe that I exist.