Re: Tesco Fun – Incorrect Pricing

So, I went to Tesco again this morning armed with a camera.

The price on the shelves was still 72p, half the value on my receipt!

It is shocking that the price on the shelf hadn’t changed even 12 hours after I mentioned the inconsistent pricing to the manager.


Incorrect Pricing!

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  1. i have had same issues also was racially abused in the store have had anti arab comments made am now considering legal action after more h Says:

    hi i intend to sue tesco for racism i also have beeb repeatedly overcharged verbal abuse sarcasm from staff and managers at caxton gate new st bham after yet another night of harrassment at the till being told the tills broken cant use scanner found overcharging on the bill on 4 items then when i rang hq in glasgow i think/london i was told try the shop md he didnt want to know ridiculed the allegations but also said if staff werent telling him about issues with tills then hed be getting them to say why it reflecte on him as new 2 weeks duration md of caxton gate so when i said my abuse history began with being given a rude insult why are your eyes so small by a till operator this was rudely unnacceptable the new md said why is that rude? he didnt want to know im now sorting out a claim against tesco stores because the facts show a pattern of unnacceptable conduct from staff there and management towards staff staff against customers. I also have had a friend leave there becaus ehe was fed up of being forced to work with alcohol.He is a muslim called mohammed from sierra leone.

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