FT Reports hackers are turning to the big Apple

It seems that Apple’s reign of being virus free is over!

The Financial Times (06/12/2007) repors on findings by F-Secure that the number of available “malware” applications for Apple Macs has increased by almost 10,000% over the past 2 years. There are now up to 150 malware varients as opposed to the one or two that were available only 2 years ago.

Does anyone remember those Apple adverts comparing PCs to Macs? I seem to remember them claiming that there were “no virusses” for Macs… The following is now clear:

  • That was a lie! There were still a small handful at the time those adverts were published.
  • They probably annoyed someone.

In fact, F-Secure reports that a group known as “Zlob gang” are claiming responsibility for the massive influx of malware.

As a warning to Mac users:

… makes programs that infect PCs by tricking users into thinking they are installing software needed to view copywrited video files.

Once again, the attack vector of modern malware is to target users not the underlieing operating system.

2 Responses to “FT Reports hackers are turning to the big Apple”

  1. leymoo Says:

    There is *still* no proven remote exploit that doesn’t require direct user intervention and ignoring of warnings

    They still require someone to download something, install it then provide an administrator password in some way.


    It works.

    Have a gruber link:

  2. Zlob Removal Software Says:

    Most of these attacks on macs are because of other softwaare being exploted on the users system. As well it’s from users knowingly downloading software like fake video codecs. the solution is not to install software unless you trust the source.

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