Re: British government sanctions murder of holy Hindu cow

Comments on an article, entitled British government sanctions murder of holy Hindu cow, published by Hamlesh Motah, a practicing Hindu.

Allow me to get the preamble out of the way:

  • I am not religious
  • I am not politically correct

I also don’t see the cow (an animal sacred to those of Hundu faith) as sacred, and will quite happily eat beef.

However, I do feel that the RSPCA have gone just a little too far with this.

Assuming that the article is factually correct, and I have been assured that great care has been taken to ensure that this is the case, I have the following things to say:

Firstly, was there actually any need to kill this cow? Whilst I do not believe that all life is sacred and have no care for the karmic reaction, if such a thing exists, from eating other animals I certainly do not endorse killing animals for the sake of it.

  • Was the cow a nuisance? No
  • Was the cow in pain? Apparently Not
  • Was the cow likley to infect any other animal? No
  • Was the cow a danger to people? No
  • Was the cow going to be used for food? No

If any of the above questoins could be proved to answer yes, then I would have little problem with the killing of a cow.

Secondly, the RSPCA really didn’t go about this in the right way. It is obvious from the way that they approached the monks caring for the cow that they were expecting resistance. I am not aware of the RSPCA using a police escort for normal house calls to check up on animals. They also appear to have used subvertive techniques to gain access and kill the cow before any appeal can be made.

The underlieing problem is that to Hindus, a cow is not just a cow. In this country we should respect other’s beliefs. One of the things that appeals to me about Britain is that whatever your faith is you can still practice it as long as practicing your faith is not detrimental to others. People who come to Britain are not forced to conform to religious or social views further than British law describes (i.e. murder is still not acceptable).

The fact that the RSPCA seemingly unnecessarily killed a cow saddens me a little. The fact that they killed an animal that was property of a religious group of people who treated it as sacred angers me.

I appreciate that just because a certain person believes in something does not make them above the law; however it is unacceptable to ignore their beliefs without at least allowing them to be voiced.

The RSPCA should have allowed the monks at the Bhativedanta Manor to at least voice their objections to the killing of this cow before it was done. Instead, they have managed to anger a large and relatively peaceful religious group.

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    Well said, that man!

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