Why Facebook Scares Me!

Facebook scares me because it allows people to type things like this:

O nd btw iv deciced that for every embarassin photo of me u tag, im gonna put one up of u………………nd trust me they r worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

l.u.m.t.w.c.s (try nd work that out)

Surely there has to be a way to prevent people from making themselves unemployable by writing this sort of rubbish?

I wonder if making them install Firefox, which has an inbuilt spell-checker, would help?

Anyone have any ideas what “l.u.m.t.w.c.s” might mean? Answers on a postcard please!

3 Responses to “Why Facebook Scares Me!”

  1. R Says:

    Lick Under My Tits With Copious Saliva?

  2. Andy Says:

    You know something, I really hope not!

  3. lestermuisje Says:

    love you more than words can say

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