New Dawn wins Planetarion Round 25


Planetarion is a browser based MMORPG, and a game that I used to play around 2 years ago.

Recently; Theo, webvictim and Hotwire suggested that we played this game again.  So we did!

Some of us joined the alliance New Dawn, the winning alliance of the previous round.

Well, the game ended today. New Dawn came out on top with a very comfortable lead!

Our galaxy (read the Planetarion Manual for more information on terms)  ranked in at 59th, and we managed the following ranks:

  • Webvictim: 158
  • SIR-Millar: 243
  • Hotwire: 602
  • Theo: 926

Fairly respectable results, if you ask me, as we weren’t really playing seriously.

The highlight of the round, for me, was organizing an attack on one of the HC of an “enemy” alliance, Urwins. We sent 1.1 million ships, which is a lot, to attack one planet! Needless to say that we landed the attack and the XP gains were significant.

As a result of this, the following picture was displayed on our target’s galaxy:

Well Played ND

We rock!

Now I’m thinking about digging up the code, or rewriting, Secret Space Game; my clone of round 7 Planetarion! It was a lot of fun!

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  1. Rvo Says:

    Would be great to see SSG come back up :D

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