IP over FedEx?

Has anyone actually written a RFC for IP over Fedex?

Hamlesh reported that Google use FedEx to ship disk arrays around the world to save the time of data transfer.

It is common knowledge that there is a RFC for IP over Avian Carrier (RFC 2549). It is less well known that someone actually tried it. You can see the results of the experiment here.

Consider the advantages of IP over FedEx (or any other postal / courier service):

  • Guaranteed delivery (with signed-for packets)
  • huge packet sizes! You could have multi-terrabyte payloads with a single small header.
  • reasonably reliable latency. A single packet round trip would only take 48 hours. (ACK packets on a postcard?)
  • packets can be prioritised easily (first / second class post).

Anyone up for trying it? :-p

2 Responses to “IP over FedEx?”

  1. Ikke Says:

    Let’s do it

  2. webvictim Says:

    I think you should write it for a laugh, just like the avian carrier RFC!

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