Mailserver Birthday

Today (well, actually the 17th, but today is close enough!) is the 1st birthday of my Mail Server as it is today! Happy Birthday!

This also means that this day last year I finally arrived at the only sensible way of organising your inbox… by date!


This way, there is no arguement as to which folder it should go into! You don’t have to waste time sorting your inbox every day! All that is required is a single move operation taking no more than a few seconds on the first of every month!

Searching is simple. If you know the date of the email you’re looking for you will find it in seconds. If not, the advent of Google Desktop and the new Windows Search that comes built in to Outlook 2007 means that you no-longer need to search through a cryptic set of folders to find that all important email!

Although not necessarily beneficial for you, it also allows for a replacement or temporary member of staff to instantly use your inbox and find emails! They do not need to waste time learning how you thought it would be best to organise your inbox many years ago!

This is how I organise my inbox! It is much faster and easier to find emails, and you never have to ask yourself “does this belong in folder X or folder Y“?

It is also worth noting that Outlook 2003 and 2007 support tagging emails with categories. Surely it makes more sense to assign categories, not folders, to emails? This way when an email should be in two places at once under your old filing scheme, now it can!

Try it! It will make your life easier.

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