How long do you spend on the loo every day?

This rather strange thought came to me whilst on the loo today!

I worked out that I must spend somewhere between 30 and 45 mins per day on the loo!

Is this a long time?

How long do you spend on the loo every day?

5 Responses to “How long do you spend on the loo every day?”

  1. the_angry_angel Says:

    Probably about the same.. I do love to read on the bog though :D

  2. W Says:

    Even though I bring a book with me whenever I go, I still use less than ten minutes every time. Perhaps one visit average daily, leaves me well below you two.

  3. Andy- Says:

    Around 30mins max, I tend not to stick around once finishe, turns into a bit of a biohazard zone afterwards! :p

  4. Steve Says:

    30mins ?? omg.. I spend like 30 secs… if that. Going for that number 2 is something i time perfectly so its over as quickly as possible

  5. Gus Says:

    It depends where I am. If I’m somewhere that isn’t home or work, I’ll get it over with quickly, but if I’m in the comfort of somewhere I know well, I do like to read something or play on my DS while on the bog.

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