MP MAN F400 MP3 Player

MP Man F400

It transpires that commuting almost 45 minutes every day is very dull without music.

I picked up a MP MAN F400 2GB MP3 player (wow, that’s a lot of caps) for £12.99 from HMV at the Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush.

For a cheap MP3 player, it works fairly well. The music quality is acceptable (through the insanely cheap headphones that came with it, which I do intend to replace), and it rather strangely interfaces with your PC via the 3.5mm audio port to USB.

It does the job as an alright MP3 player, so no complaints. A word of warning, however, is that it gets rather hot when charging.

4 Responses to “MP MAN F400 MP3 Player”

  1. Colin Says:

    hi i agree very good, i had the 8gb till i managed to wipe it any idea as too how to re-load ??

  2. Mp3 Players Room Says:

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  3. Jake Lee Says:

    Mine went thru the washing machine and then the dryer (didnt mean to) and it kinda worked once dryed out, but a little after that its gone weird… I think the firmware is nackerd… *snigger*

  4. Razorback Says:

    I got a 4gb version of the same machine, but getting your songs to show up through DIR navigation can be a piss take.

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