Bacon Explosion!

I was linked to an entertaining recipe on The Bacon Explosion today and couldn’t resist trying it. I figured I should take photographic evidence of the process as proof, so here it is…

The ingredients:

You need an insane amount of:

  • Streaky Bacon
  • Sausage Meat
  • BBQ Sauce
  • BBQ Rub/Powder

Firstly you make a lattice of bacon, you’re supposed to make it as tight as you can.

You should end up with something looking rather close to:

Now sprinkle the lattice with BBQ Rub/Powder:

Then squash your sausage meat ontop:

Now liberally apply chopped cooked bacon:

Cover with copious amounts of BBQ Sauce:

And roll up into a sausage, leaving the lattice behind:

Pinch the ends a little to keep all the goodness in:

Now roll the lattice around the sausage meat, and place the seam at the bottom. Cover liberally in BBQ Rub/Powder:

Now place in a pre-heated oven at 180c for around 75 minutes, I used a glass dish to keep the fat and juices in:

Around half way through the cooking it looked like:

And now it’s done, look at all that bacon juice:

Take out of the cooking container and place on a chopping board to cut:

And now display pure bacon perfection:

The recipe is shamelessly stolen from BBQ Addicts

4 Responses to “Bacon Explosion!”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Same process but rather than a lattice make individual portions wrapped in bacon – “salty balls”

  2. Tim Says:

    That has to be the most awesome recipe ever !!!! Ignore the last person , I believe you are already making the correct size for an individual person:-D

  3. atp Says:

    Thats close to the ultimate pig snack. Excellent.

  4. ethan Says:

    yum i want

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